Monday, December 21, 2009

Prost Part Two Potential at Renault

With second generation drivers of last era have participated in Formula One with some increase, the names of the past in Rosberg, Senna, Piquet and Nakajima are names that have returned in recent years. Now it may only be a matter of time until the Prost name is reintroduced to the Formula One world if reports are to be believed.

French language media reports are linking Alain Prost's son, Nicholas Prost with a possible role as a reserve driver for the Renault team in 2010. The not so young Prost in racing terms (28 years old)has driven in A1GP, the LeMans Series with mixed results but in 2008 he was the Euroseries champion. Like his father, Nicolas had gotten off to a late start in racing but has not shown the the instant form of his 4 time World Champion father.

The question is, what is in it for Renault? It may definitely help developing some publicity for the team, a reconnection and reaffirmation of the team's French roots, and money is sure to be in that mix. After Nicolas won the Euroseries title, Alain Prost lobbied to get his son a F1 test with no success. However, now he may have the opportunity to continue his development with a proper role.

Nevertheless, it would be a great to have another of the legendary names of Formula One in the mix, even it is a reserve driver. One never knows the opportunities that come with it. Kamui Kobayashi anyone?


Anonymous said...

Alain Prost was and still is linked to succeed Briatore at the head of Renault F1 Team

Pete DaSilva said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I read that in a media report but did not comment on that. It would be very interesting to have a father/son relationship in a team. However, I do not think it would be the best of moves. I do not think it was the best for Piquet so I do not want to see the same for Nicolas Prost and all of the potential wranglings that comes with nepotism.

There is also the chance that A. Prost is holding out for a the position and looking to get his son an opportunity. Again, it will be interesting to see how it moves forward.