Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alonso is prepared to dispatch his rivals

Two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso says he is arriving at the Ferrari team at the best moment of his career which probably means very bad news for his rivals. "I'm really looking forward to the start of next year. I'm joining the best team in the world, Ferrari, and I'm arriving at the best moment of my career. Right now I feel like I've never felt before. I think I'm at my best moment as a driver and as a person." Alonso appears to be really psyching himself up to do great things in 2010. He has now said on multiple occasions that he is driving better than he ever has.

We already know that during his career, Alonso has been regarded as a very good team leader and excellent car developer; qualities that have been spoken about at each of his stints at Renault, McLaren and now Ferrari. However, he has been rocked with problems that have tainted his reputation and clouded the fact that he is the most complete driver in F1. Most notable examples of these transgressions are his behavior at McLaren in 2007 in connection with McLaren industrial espionage case (Spygate) as well as potential involvement in the race fixing scandal of the 2008 Singapore GP (Crashgate). Although Alonso never was implicated, there are people that believe he had to know...including his new teammate, Felipe Massa.

Nevertheless, getting a little older, enduring challenges and defeat can certainly humble you and make you better; provided you have the mental strength. Alonso over his career has shown he has those capabilities. At age 28, he has the right mix of experience and youth to reassert himself against the likes of Hamilton, Vettel, Massa and Button (and Schumacher if he returns). He certainly did it before when he beat Raikkonen and Schuamcher in successive years to win his title in 2005 and 2006.

So with Alonso clearly motivated, Ferrari motivated to rebound from 2009, and with rules changes that can possibility play into Alonso's race approach, challengers better be prepared.


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