Monday, December 1, 2008

Prost wants F1 test for son

It just would not seem right if we had a Senna on the F1 grid and not have a Prost in the near future. 4 times F1 Champion Alain Prost is hoping that his son Nicolas gets a future opportunity. The following is a story from

Four-time Formula One world champion Alain Prost is hoping his son Nicolas can test a grand prix car after winning the Euroseries 3000 title. Nicolas secured the title at the Magione circuit on Sunday despite scoring just a seventh place finish in the second race, having retired from the first one. Prost said he was pleased with his son's progress.

"I'm happy: Nicolas started racing late, but in the last two years he's made exceptional progress," Prost was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport. "He drives with his head and enjoys knowing the cars' technical details. "Now I'd like him to do an F1 test. After this title the time is right. With Ferrari? I have a good relationship with them, so I'm hoping a bit for it."
The four-time champion admitted he was not sure about Nicolas's motivation when he started his career. "I wasn't convinced of his motivation," he told Autosprint. "At the beginning he was very busy: with school, golfing, skiing. As for me I had the team in F1 and I didn't have much time to do anything else. So it wasn't the right time to support him full time.

"Now many things have changed: I see him focused, motivated, and supplied with good talent. Even though at 27, it's clear that it will be very difficult for him to get to F1, which remains his obsession. "He added: "He is extremely focused in his mission. He programs his career the way an engineer would, and that could also bring negative aspects. He is also demonstrating a fine progression and an impressive maturity, especially considering that he started racing late, without doing karting."

Nicolas, currently racing for A1GP Team France, said GP2 was too costly for him.
"My future? GP2 is too expensive. In A1 you don't pay and that makes a difference. However, between a bank's desk and a racing seat, I certainly prefer my future in motor racing."

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