Monday, January 25, 2010

We get it Mercedes, your drivers are equals

With the official launch of Mercedes Petronas' new GP effort and a very beautiful livery, I am getting tired already of one thing. This superficial insistence on Mercedes driver equality between Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg.

What I have taken away so far is that they are going out of their way to demonstrate equality in the team. For example, discussing the consultation of Rosberg on what number he will have, making sure both drivers get split time at least during the initial tests, having to confirm a couple of times a week that Rosberg is happy with his situation, and all the rest of it since Schumacher officially announced his comeback. Of course, part of it is the media asking the questions, so it is a difficult discussion for Mercedes and Brawn to avoid given that during the Schumacher and Brawn partnership number one status to Schumacher has been a given.

I have some real ambivalence towards Rosberg. I think he has some talent and seems like a real likable guy, but on the other hand was not all that impressive against Nakajima during their Williams years. So, I find this notion that he is on the same level as Schumacher a bit suspect. However, of course Ross Brawn gives us the line, "Of course if a championship starts to develop, where one driver has a greater chance of winning the championship, or it becomes numerically possible only for that driver to win the championship, then there may be different priorities."

Well, does that mean after 3 races they will confer some sort of status, I think so. Then this talk about no number one driver talk will go away. With Red Bull, McLaren, and Ferrari expected to be strong, the least of Mercedes' concerns are whether or not Mercedes drivers being treated in an equatable manner.


able2cyur1 said...

It's the same old story.Nico has until June to establish himself.He has to be even more committed than Michael.That should be simple,given that Michael is such an old man.Right Nico?Hey Nico!Has anyone seen Rosberg,he was here talking trash a moment ago.Oh well,I'm sure he's in the weight room getting ready and has put everything else out of his mind except winning the 2010 championship,like Michael is.

Pete DaSilva said...

It is a bit of a song and dance. As the saying goes, water seeks its own level. I suppose even it is old water.

andrew said...

Nice article.Michael is already a old man than Nico. So i think nico should get the responsibility.

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andrew said...

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