Tuesday, January 26, 2010

F1 has hit on a good idea

Even the tedious and sometime uptight world of F1 gets it right sometimes and adopts good ideas. This new one is not uncommon but probably more recognized for its use in NASCAR. What is it?

The top 10 cars that make it through to the final session of qualifying to start the race on the same tires that they set their fastest Q3 time on. Although it is only a proposed change, reports are that a vote in the affirmative by the teams will be a formality.

This in my opinion opens a lot of strategic opportunities for teams across the grid particularly in the mid-field and improves the show. It also gives the top teams more to contend with. Moreover, I think the interactions between quality overtakers like Lewis Hamilton vs. the notoriously difficult to pass Mark Webber-type drivers will be fun to watch. Particularly in those instances where Webber-types have out-qualified the Hamilton-types via tire selection.

We are bound to see a lot of blocking in 2010, but also a guarantee that we will see perfectly executed Fernando Alonso type drives at Imola 2005 with the quality of drivers we have in 2010.


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