Thursday, January 15, 2009

Toyota launch via Internet: Toyota TF109

Toyota have unveiled their new F1 challenger during a special 'virtual' launch on Thursday morning. The new Toyota designated the TF109 is the 8th racing car Toyota will use in Formula One (Yes, that math is correct. The first Toyota, the TF101 was a test vehicle). Given the rules package, the car is actually a pretty nice looking piece and appear to have done a good initial interepetation of the rules. We will see if the car runs as good as it looks. Given Toyota's performance the last several years they certainly need to be become a race winning team.

Other than the changes for the 2009 rules package, the most noticeable aesthetic change for me is the sidepods. They are very undercut and tight as opposed to previous Toyota F1 cars and are very aggressive. It was announced that the car will have a battery storage KERS system developed for it, although this will not be ready for the season's start potentially putting the team at a disadvantage to teams with KERS systems in place. However, given the testing ban Toyota may be ahead of the game in terms of reliability in the early races.
courtesy of Toyota F1:

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