Monday, January 12, 2009

Ferrari first to debut new car: Ferrari F60

The 2009 Formula One season edges ever closer and there is no better evidence for that then Formula One team car launches. In the past, these car launch events have been very elaborate and the epitome of opulence and excess. However, the economic times that the sport and the globe face have severely curtailed such events put on by F1 teams.

Today, Ferrari debut their new Formula One challenger in a low key unveiling and have designated their new car the F60, which is a departure of the previous designations of F2008, F2007 and 248F1 (in 2006). The F60 name is derived from the fact that Ferrari are the only team to have competed in each of the 60 years of the Formula One world championship.

Due to the major rules changes in F1 for 2009, the car looks somewhat different that previous cars however clearly carries over some ques from the last generation of Formula One car and their F2008.

Team will be cars in the next several months, however the bulk of teams with be launching their new cars in January. Below is the schedule for F1 teams:
Toyota- January 15th
McLaren- January 16th
Renault- January 19th
Williams- January 19th
BMW-Sauber- January 20th
Reb Bull- February 9th
Force India- March
Toro Rosso- TBA
We will see if the remnants of the Honda team are about to get up on the grid in the coming weeks.
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emil said...

Well, Pete, this one looks as peculair as expected, with the ugly rear wing and the uglier front one...
I wonder if the mirror solution will stay, because it looks not so 'legal', or at least within the spirit of the rules.
Most striking for me is the car looks somewhat 'unfinished', or put together on a hurry, some panels look badly alligned... Hopefully it won't be a disaster, and hopefully the KERS (which was indeed used yesterday) won't be bad.

Pete DaSilva said...

I can live with the simple front wing, although I will miss the complexity of the old wings. The rear wing simply is very difficult to come to grips with aesthetically.

The F60 that will race in Melbourne will be different than this launch car, but only slightly in my opinion.

Overall, given what they are been tasked to do, The car is not distasteful to look at.