Friday, January 8, 2010

USF1 launches in Alabama, rookie drivers likely

USF1 will make its debut at Barber Motorsport Park in Alabama. Sporting Director Peter Windsor told the official F1 website that the FIA has granted special dispensation to allow winter testing for USF1 away from the normal European group sessions, which is surely to be a bonus for the start up team as they will be close to their base and their suppliers to take care of any early and immediate teething problems. They will have 3 tests at Barber. The date is not yet pinned down but Windsor says the maiden test will be in early February.

In regards to who will pilot these new machines, Jose Maria Lopez, longed linked to one of the seats, looks very solid. Also, recent reports link former Honda tester James Rossiter to the other. In any event, Windsor has hinted at 2 young drivers for the seats (Lopez are Rossiter are young I guess) rationalizing that in this new era of cost reduction and resource restriction, having fresh young guys not tainted by the baggage of experience is a good thing.

Nevertheless, as I suspected last month in my opinion they are looking for seat warmers as they get their operation off the ground and economic conditions improve. I guess we will see what the actual choices are soon enough.

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Adam Anderson said...

Barber MSP is located on the outskirts of Birmingham, AL. The fact that the F.I.A. is allowing testing here in America is the first true sign that the sport is behind the newcommers. Until recently I am unaware of any involvement, other than the tradition "Bernie & Max" news clips.
USF1 is being given an great chance to do many things. To me the top of the list would be:
1.)Save money by testing stateside
2.)Utilize an unknown (to the rest of the world) track that is in actually an exquisite testing facility
3.)Have an unofficial debut among the people who will be cheering this team on... a half a world away (nearest being the Canadian GP).

I am fortunate to live a short hour-half drive from BMSP. I look forward to seeing this event, open to the public or not.