Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If it can't be Bourdais, Sato would do just fine

You never know in Formula One. Names that you logically think that should be linked to seats, never get linked to seats. Conversely, when you think a driver has no chance and all hope is lost, they appear as if by magic. For example, after years of trying to get to F1, Sebastien Bourdais all but quit at breaking in and then all of sudden he got a drive with Toro Rosso. I strongly support Bourdais getting another opportunity in F1. My thought was maybe Renault and Bourdais himself would have been interested given his experience and change in Renault leadership.

However, if it can't be Bourdais, I think Takuma Sato would be a nice choice. Well, that is the latest report. He is quick, does not need a lot of time in knocking off rust and has never been one to lack confidence in his ability.

The other veteran connected is the steady Nick Heidfeld, who outpointed Kubica in 2009. Admittedly, he would be a respectable choice but in my opinion would be nothing more than a journeyman if it were not for Sauber, who again seems uninterested in him. Moreover, does Heidfeld have the money lined up? Given the surplus of German drivers and economy that is not likely. And if it comes down to a battle of money, I think Sato has the advantage being a popular force in Japan and a more credible and more experienced driver than Ho-Pin Tung in the Asian demographic.

Sato got the opportunity I thought he always needed when he went to Super Aguri; to work at his craft without the pressure of being on a big manufacturer team and in my opinion came out a better driver. It was a shame to see Super Aguri fold. However, with this potential opportunity he can show that he is able to apply what he has learned. Not to mention fulfill the team's stated requirement of being able to challenge Kubica and score points.



Lights 2 Flag said...

Hi Pete - I agree with you about Bourdais. I don't think he had a chance at Toro Rosso and would like to see him back again for another shot at F1.

I like Sato but think he can be a liability for a team due to his habit of wrecking cars in crazy overtaking moves!

I'm not sure what will happen with Heidfeld. He is not very exciting for sponsors but to be fair he does score points.

If he can't get a berth with Sauber I guess he will end up in DTM (the home for unemployed German F1 driver's :-)


Pete DaSilva said...

Well that is what I think is different about Sato now. Is that he got the chance to settle down. However, he still is aggressive but is more managed.