Saturday, December 26, 2009

Toro Rosso gets ready by crashing

Part of a F1 team's preparations is designing, testing, developing, building and destroying. Destroying you say? F1 cars have to undergo a series of 16 different crash tests, mandated by the FIA, to help ensure the strength and safety of these missiles on wheels. All teams must pass these tests and sometimes it is used as a anecdotal marker of a teams progress. You may recall some fuss around USF1 when Ross Brawn of Mercedes remarked about USF1's lack of crash testing.

In any case, the destroying piece is currently underway at Scuderia Toro Rosso (STR) where they are crash testing their new 2010 car; and according to Technical Director, Giorgio Ascanelli it is progressing well and on schedule.

Currently, they are going through a process which is documented in this 2008 piece on crash testing from Honda (Brawn GP, now Mercedes).

This will be STR's "first" chassis of their very own design and construction due to the total ban on customer cars. The past several seasons STR had the assistance and basic input of Adrian Newey from Red Bull Technology.

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