Monday, December 28, 2009

No Nick Heidfeld at Sauber

As drivers jockey for position during this off-season's edition of music chairs, one person that I think needs a change of scenery is Nick Heidfeld. As I have said in the past, he has always been a driver that people regard as talented but always lacked a good car. He has demonstrated that he can be quick, consistent and reliable. Nick has done a solid job for BMW-Sauber and his performance in 2009 still confirms that. In years past I would say he needs to go away entirely, but now with an influx of new teams, he would be still useful. I just do not want it to be at Sauber.

I think that Sauber needs to redevelop his team and bring it back to the days of getting young talented drivers and giving them a shot to perform in a competitive team (Nick Heidfeld was actually one of those type of drivers for Sauber). Having Kamui Kobayashi as one driver is perfect. The other choice is someone that I have advocated for in the past and now Bernie Ecclestone would like to see, Christian Klien.

Klien, 26, has been the team's test driver for the past two years as well as performing well as a Peugeot sportscar driver; and now I think with his sportscar experience coupled with spending 3 seasons as a test driver the timing is perfect. Just as Toyota was wise to give Timo Glock a chance after being out of F1 for a period, Sauber would be wise to give Klien a shot.

What about Heidfeld? Well it is interesting to see that his name has not been connected publicly to any other team but Sauber. Maybe a new team that is getting off the ground would find a driver with his experience useful. A team that has done its business so far very quietly. Maybe USF1 is destination that would suit Heidfeld.

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