Saturday, November 22, 2008

2009 aerodynamic package: is it that bad?

At the recently concluded pre-season/post-season test (depending on how you looked at it) in Barcelona, BMW-Sauber brought aerodynamic pieces that would be used in the 2009 season; most prominently a front and rear wing. The consensus so far in regards to this aero package is that it is hideous and beneath Formula One. At this point, all I will say it is certainly a look to get used to.

However, in our world of instant gratification we must remember a couple of things:

1. This is still the initial on track test of such aerodynamic components. Only Williams and Honda have specifically brought 2009 spec wings to the Barcelona test.

2. In regards to teams that brought 2009 spec aerodynamic parts, the parts have essentially been graphed to 2008 spec chassis.

This is important to remember as at this point forms follows function especially as teams come to grips with the new regulations. Let us go back in time a little bit; when V8's were re-introduced several years ago the first dyno test I heard of a Cosworth engine I thought, "this engine sounds like a hoover vacuum on steroids;" that is not a pleasant sound. Although I still believe nothing replaces the wailing sound of a unrestricted V10 engine, the V8 engine in its current formula and as currently installed is not the end of the world when it comes to acoustic appreciation. So, what is gleaned from this line of reasoning is that some of the first on-track tests of these parts does not mean that the aesthetics will not be improved as pre-season testing continues. It most certainly will as teams begin to optimize the designs in preparation for 2009, instead of modifying 2008 car packages. The most visible example of the 2009 aero package is from BMW-Sauber. At first glance it is a disturbing site. However again, let us realize that these bits have been graphed on to a F1.08B and not the definitive model to be raced at the first GP.

With that said, here are some images of the 2009 aero package on the BMW-Sauber provided by F1 Technical. Let me know how you feel.

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