Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Global Economy kills 2009 French Grand Prix

The French motorsports federation announced on Wednesday that it will not promote the race in 2009 due to financial difficulties.

"For reasons related to the financial situation, the Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile (FFSA) has decided to cancel the Grand Prix of France," said the FFSA in a statement.
"The FFSA would like to thank all customers who attended the Grand Prix of France and have supported this international event in recent years."

The French race was on the calendar announced earlier this month by the FIA for the 2009 season. The decision leaves the 2009 calendar with 17 races after the Canadian Grand Prix was also absent from the schedule.

In recent years there was always some financial questions around the French Grand Prix dealing with the financial guarantees set forth by FOM's Bernie Ecclestone. However, the race was always run. This time it seems that the global financial crisis is largely to blame for the axing of the 2009 French Grand Prix. If things remain unchanged, it will the first time since 1955 that there will not be a Formula One French Grand Prix. I wonder if there are other races that will suffer the same fate.

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