Friday, October 31, 2008

Brazilian Grand Prix: Points of Interest

This weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix is the season finale for what has been a spirited and competitive season. Below are this weekend's points of interest:

1. Hamilton v. Massa. This is the showdown everyone is here to see. Although Hamilton only needs a 5th place to win the championship, the old saying "to finish first, you first must finish" is still applicable. McLaren F1 CEO Martin Whitmarsh has publicly admitted to fears about McLaren reliability given the gearbox problem that Hamilton had last year. With Massa being a race winner here and with all the motivation in the world he is a race favorite. He will need to win to maximize his title chances.

2. Kubica v. Raikkonen. Robert Kubica sits 3rd in the championship standings however is still under threat from Kimi Raikkonen who is only 6 points behind. Kubica can not coast in this race with Renault's pace as they would take points from him. For Raikkonen, finishing 3rd in the title fight would salvage what has been a very disappointing title defense year.

3. Wet Weather. Looking at the forecast, rain can play a factor in the title fight. Massa is not very good in the wet and Hamilton has shown to a be rain master. However, we have seen the best wet weather drivers throw their cars off the road. So by all means, there are guarantees that if it rains Hamilton's a lock for the title.

Enjoy the Grand Prix!


Anonymous said...

Whatever the outcome will be of this final Formula One event for 2008:

It will end a Championship Season that I am sure will be looked at as a "Classic" in years to come ...

Pete DaSilva said...

Given the outcome of the race, it was a classic for all the right reasons.