Monday, September 8, 2008

Top Ten Formula One Drivers

Here is something simple, everyone over the course of time has put together their top 10 list of drivers. These lists have been vetted and debated about back and forth. I am not going to be any different. So, below are my top 10 F1 drivers ranked in order.

1. Michael Schumacher
Wins: 91
Pole Positions: 68
Fast Laps: 76
Titles: 7

2. Juan Manuel Fangio
Wins: 24
Pole Positions: 29
Fast Laps: 23
Titles: 5

3. Jim Clark
Wins: 25
Pole Positions: 33
Fast Laps: 28
Titles: 2

4. Alain Prost
Wins: 51
Pole Positions: 33
Fast Laps: 41
Titles: 4

5. Ayrton Senna
Wins: 41
Pole Positions: 65
Fast Laps: 19
Titles: 3

6. Jackie Stewart
Wins: 27
Pole Positions: 17
Fast Laps: 15
Titles: 3

7. Jack Brabham
Wins: 14
Pole Positions: 13
Fast Laps: 12
Titles: 3

8. Niki Lauda
Wins: 25
Pole Positions: 24
Fast Laps: 24
Titles: 3

9. Graham Hill
Wins: 14
Pole Positions: 13
Fast Laps: 10
Titles: 2

10. Stirling Moss

Wins: 16
Pole Positions: 16
Fast Laps: 19
Titles: 0


tommy said...

senna should have been on top, just because of his driving style! the fights between him and prost, that was racing! same as we see in hamilton today, but he gets punished for it! but senna was the greatest in my eyes! i cried that day at imola!

Pete DaSilva said...

Simply, Senna is not #1 in my book precisely because of his style. Yes, he was quick; yes he was a master in wet conditions but too tempermental in the race car. For several years, reaped the benefits of Prost's development abilities.

Senor Soup said...

ALthough I don't necessarily like getting into "best ever" debates because they are like comparing apples to oranges, I do want to say that, no offence Pete, I rate Senna higher than Prost, although both of them behind Jackie Stewart. My top g would go:

Pete DaSilva said...

No offense taken Soup. I do enjoy these lists because I do think there can be comparsions made in different eras. What in your mind makes Senna better than Prost? As it relates to Stewart in this comparsion, Stewart can just as well be rated higher as they are all close. However, looking at your list I would think we are on the same page.

Cesare said...

As you knows, I discussed 'ad nauseum' this topic in F1db forum, if someone wants to know my arguments, please do some reseach in that site.
Anyway this is my list:
1. Ayrton Senna da Silva
2. Juan Manuel Fangio
3. Jim Clark
4. Nelson Piquet
5. Alain Prost
6. Michael Schumacher
7. Jackie Stewart
8. Niki Lauda
9. Alberto Ascari
10. Jack Brabham