Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Teams seek to equal engine performance

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"Behind-the-scenes efforts by teams to make Formula One engine performance more equal are set to be ramped up in the wake of Scuderia Toro Rosso's shock victory in the Italian Grand Prix, has learned. Sebastian Vettel caused a major surprise when he became F1's youngest ever winner at Monza, with a performance that highlighted the differences between his Ferrari-powered STR3 and the Renault-powered car of sister team Red Bull Racing.

The result has provided further evidence to those who believe that there is now a genuine performance gap between different engines on the grid. A number of manufacturers - especially Renault – have already spoken out in claiming that they have lost out by not developing their power-unit under F1's current engine freeze. Although making improvements to the engines is not allowed, manufacturers can change parts as the FIA's discretion if it reduces costs or improves reliability. Such revisions can also have the added benefit of lifting performance. Further steps forward can be made from improved fuel and lubricants, and the airbox and exhaust design.

Sources have told that a number of teams are so unhappy with the situation – which could leave them down on power until 2013 if the rules do not change – that they are now lobbying the FIA behind the scenes to try and level the playing field for next year."

It was only a matter time, especially since you saw equal chassis have a difference in performance. That is why I was looking at the speed trap differences particularly on these last two tracks (Spa and Monza). The horsepower tracks were going to expose the difference where people can not claim downforce level settings or poor aerodynamics. Also, it is of no surprise that it is Renault that is complaining the most as they have been passed by Toro Rosso and their customer team in terms of engines is Red Bull. Again, the Toro Rosso chassis which has engine power from Ferrari, is essentially a Red Bull chassis.

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