Tuesday, September 23, 2008

McLaren Belgian GP Appeal Denied

As was to be expected, the FIA has rejected McLaren's appeal against the penalty imposed on Lewis Hamilton at the Belgian Grand Prix at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. The grounds for rejecting the appeal was that the appeal itself was inadmissible. This was going to be the initial
stumbling block for McLaren. There were questions on whether teams can actually appeal drive-through penalties - which technically was the punishment Hamilton received that took away his win. It was turned into a 25-second penalty because it was served in the final five laps of the race. So, it appears that they can not.

At least we can say that the process went quickly and we can focus on the remaining races knowing that a decision has been made and that the Singapore Grand Prix can be the major focus. Nevertheless, I still think McLaren and Hamilton had the victory taken away unjustly, but I knew the appeal was going to be for nothing...and it was. Bring on Singapore.



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