Thursday, August 21, 2008

European Grand Prix: Points of Interest

The 1st Friday practice is coming ever closer and in addition to the current battle between the major contenders of Ferrari, McLaren and BMW, I will be looking at several things this weekend in particular:

1. The performance of Force India. Technical Director Mike Gascoyne has predicted that their new gearbox will yield an improvement of .3 seconds per lap. So, we will see if they are able to get off the last row in qualifying.

2. Bridge section of the new Valencia track. F1 tire supplier Bridgestone asked the FIA to examine the bridge amidst fears that the configuration could cause tire punctures.

3. Toyota. Given the improvement of the team in 2008 it will be interesting to see how the come off the long break with a chance to solidify 4th place in the Constructor's Championship.

Happy Friday practice!

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